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We, Seda, Umut and Hayal, classically try to return to the alienated nature of human beings not only by getting bored with the turmoil, debauchery, stress and endless traffic of Istanbul, but also by rejecting this life order that squeezes human life between four walls, that takes social relations away from naturalness and makes them insincere, that explains the definition of success with what human beings have, and that even raising children has been made a project entirely….

For this purpose, we decided to set up a love farm in Birgi village of Ödemiş district of Izmir, where naturalness, sincerity, productivity and love would be abundant, and we named it Hayal Tadında, inspired by the name of our lovely daughter.

After living in such an environment for a while, we set out to create an inspiring, luxurious accommodation where you can see great places, taste natural products, find great things and relax.


We Are?

Umut Soyoğlu

General Manager

3 university graduates, 20 years of professional life in the field of production, supply chain, logistics… Now, he’s realizing a dream that he might wantto make but never knew. Always patient, the safe heaven of our family that lifts us up even in the most difficult times

Hayal Soyoğlu


The protagonist of our story… A farm girl… This natural environment, in which she took her first steps, gave her an incredible love of nature, an unending sense of curiosity, a strong social communication power, the ability to look at things from many different angles and her creative abilities. She handles all the PR activities of the farm….

Seda Aydın Soyoğlu

General Manager

Chemist, quality assurance professional, health and safety expert, a wonderful mother and wife… But most importantly, with her ambition, her detail, patience and self-confidence, she is now the boss of her own Story… She has shown herself that another life is possible and that a value can be created in this life as a family… Perhaps part of a story that will inspire many young people and their peers…





As Hayal Tadında Family, we have a conscious of carrying the responsibility of Sustainable Tourism Management. We aim to carry out our activities and services in accordance with the national and international legislation and to minimize our impact on our environment. In this sense, we aim to make the right waste management, increase the use of natural resources, ensure the protection of cultural and social heritage, provide economic and social benefits to the local people and protect the environment, create an environment where health, safety and equal rights are recognized for employees, and improve energy and water saving performance and continuous improvement, we aim to make our services environmentally and economically sustainable.

In order to achieve these goals;

  • Set goals in line with the sustainable tourism criteria, take actions to achieve these goals, review them regularly and provide the necessary resources,
  • Follow all relevant laws and regulations to which our facility is subject and to fulfill their requirements,
  • Establish effective communication with all stakeholders in order to create common value and beneficial results on energy, water, natural resources, support of local suppliers,
  • Increase resource efficiency by effectively managing the use of energy and natural resources,
  • Minimize the environmental impacts of the materials and products we use, taking into account our impacts on the natural environment and biological diversity,
  • Protect the natural and cultural heritage,
  • Provide equality without discrimination based on religion, sect, language, race, color, gender, marital status, political opinion, age, physical disability and similar reasons,
  • Prioritize the occupational safety and health of our employees and stakeholders,
  • Produce or support projects for the development of the regions where the hotels are located, to increase the welfare level of the society, to move forward economically and socially, to act with the awareness of social responsibility and to contribute to the development of the society,
  • Increase the employment of the local people and to strengthen the local people,
  • Provide sufficient human, technological and financial resources to achieve sustainability goals and to use these resources in the most efficient way,
  • Reduce energy and water consumption, to make improvements for continuous improvement in energy and water efficiency, to implement these and to follow the results,
  • Purchase and supply environmentally friendly and efficient products for zero waste, reduction of waste, reduction of chemical use,
  • Increase water saving measures due to the growing drought in the world and in our region,
  • Protect the natural habitats of living creatures living in the region and around our facility,
  • We are committed to providing high quality service, economic growth, environmental protection, social participation and employment to the communities we serve, by complying with all environmental laws, statutes and regulations.