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Our place is in Birgi, a historical and mystical village of Ödemiş district of İzmir...

Our place is on the slopes of Bozdağ. It is 30 minutes away by car.

After coming to Ödemiş from Izmir by train or bus, you can come to Birgi center by taking the Birgi minibuses that depart every half hour. From Birgi center to our farm, we can help you, you can come on foot, our farm is about 15 minutes walk.

We are 1,5 minutes by car, 15 minutes walking distance to Birgi center,

The last 400 m road to our farm is a dirt road, it is pleasant and in the end the place where it brings you is a paradise. ☺

Our goal is to make all our incoming guests feel special no matter what service they are for. For this reason, our prices are not within the scope of negotiation, and it is not ethical to apply different prices to our guests in our place where we have 5 units.

The main idea of our concept is to offer our guests a different, boutique, unique and luxurious accommodation service by offering all the beauties of our region in nature. In addition, services such as special day, boutique organizations, group organizations are offered. 

All our houses have a specially designed toilet and bathroom.

We have hot water 24/7 in all our homes

Check-in is 15:00 and check-out is 12:00. 12:00-15:00 is a necessary time for cleaning all our houses, so we cannot stretch the check-in and check-out times.

The region we are in is located in the easternmost part of Izmir. We are far from the blue seas, but our place is a natural green sea

Our region is one of the most historical, mystical and ancient places of our country. Birgi, Gölcük, Bozdağ are among the places you should visit and visit when you come. It is close to ancient cities such as Ephesus, Sardis, Dios Hieron, Aigai, Macellum.

In our farm, we have a café-restaurant where we serve only our guests. You can benefit from alokl, non-alcoholic drinks and our à la carte menu.

You can bring it, besides you need to bring all the necessary plates, and serving materials, glasses, etc.

In winter, especially in the garden of our Delux Tiny House, you can have a barbecue by bringing your coal, wire and all your service materials. We also have a large BBQ area in common with our Dome and Suite houses. You can also benefit from it here.

We do not have any additional activities other than planned organizations.

Our farm is a land spread over 14 acres. It allows our children to get to know nature in particular. We also don’t have a playground for this reason. 

In our homes, there is no television, especially so that you can spend quality time with your families and loved ones.

We are not looking for a marriage condition.

We only have café-restaurant service for our guests staying in our place, we do not have breakfast or food service out.

It does not happen except for boutique organizations

Our houses are located far enough away from each other (minimum 25 m distance) and in such a way that our guests do not disturb each other in any way.

All our houses have curtains on the windows.

You can see our restaurant prices by scanning the QR code on our website.

We do not accept pets.

The verandas of our dome houses are made of a high wound. Hammocks and patios pose a danger to children.

Our farm is very close to the central campuses, but so far from the noise of those places.

Wild animals do not come, but pets from neighboring farms come to visit our farm often ☺ but they are all docile, friendly creatures that have been our friends since we came here.

The entire perimeter of our farm is closed with wire mesh and is monitored by 24/7 security cameras.

Not yet, but in our plans.